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We pay more because we know more.

  • “I appreciated Numismax’s quick response to my desire to sell coins. Your buyer was kind and knew his business.”

    Ann S. - Monticello, IA
  • “Numismax could not have been more professional or courteous. They put me completely at ease since I was a little stressed. I took some of their business cards and you can bet that anyone who asks me about coins he will be the one I refer them to.”

    Jim P. - Arvada, CO
  • “Numismax’s agent was very professional. I am glad he came to my house to look at the coins. I felt at ease with them, and they answered all my questions promptly and completely.”

    William H. - Wayne, MI
  • “I was pleased with the sale of my husband’s coins. Numismax’s representative was pleasant to deal with.”

    Marianne H. - San Gabriel, CA
  • “Numismax’s dealer was courteous and helpful. Transactions were completed in a short time.”

    Bill W. - Lenexa, KS
  • “Numismax has the personality and of course the expertise in the product. We really enjoyed there looking over my coins and giving us a very fair assessment and payment of them.”

    Sandi M. - Fountain Valley, CA
  • “I was thoroughly satisfied with Numismax’s service. They were most professional, personable, and answered all my questions completely. I will certainly be calling your company when I’m ready to do more business.”

    Ona R. – Caldwell, ID
  • “Numismax has the personality and, of course, the expertise in the product. We really enjoyed them looking over my coins and giving us a very fair assessment and payment of them.”

    Sandi W. - Littleton, CO
  • “Numismax was very knowledgeable on the coins I had for sale – The process was smooth and they were a pleasure to deal with.”

    Gary G. – San Francisco, CA
  • “Numismax’s handling of the selling of my coins was done easily and professionally. They were very knowledgeable, easy to understand and personable. I would whole heartedly recommend Numismax Rare Coin Company.”

    Malinda M. – Lake Mary, FL
  • “I liked the idea of your company coming to my home. You can ask questions and get advice face to face. I’ve had bad experiences from some coin dealers over the phone in the past.”

    Pat F. - Damiansville, IL
  • “Numismax is a knowledgeable, friendly, reliable and trustworthy rare coin company. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and learning things about our collection I didn’t know. I am confident that their knowledge provided us with a thorough appraisal. Should the need arise, we will most definitely contact Numismax again.”

    Janice F. - Denver, CO
  • “Numismax was well prepared and equipped to analyze and estimate my coins and paper currency. They were prompt and courteous.”

    Charles S. - Panorama, CA

Get to know us.

  • How to Ship Your Coins

    After talking with Numismax and getting an estimated value of your collection, it’s easy to ship your coins to us for a more precise estimate and an offer. The first step is to read the precise shipping details and follow them.

    Rare Coin Value Guide

    Whether you’ve accumulated your rare coins over many years or inherited your collection recently, you deserve the top dollar. Learn more about what your collection could be worth in our Rare Coin Value Guide.

    Market News

    Numismax specializes in the purchase and sale of rare U.S. and world coins. We’ve been in business since 2008, and our key team members have been leaders in the numismatic industry for decades. For our latest market insights visit our blog.

  • Numismax buys and sells rare coins and currency as well as gold and silver coins. The company was founded in Lafayette, Colorado in 2008.  Numismax has several senior numismatists on staff based in Colorado and across the nation with professional services offered throughout the country. We provide in-home consultation, appraisal, and purchase services coast to coast.

    Numismax works with many individuals who have painstakingly built their rare coin collections over many years and now want to enjoy the financial fruits of their work.  We understand the urge to pass such a collection on to heirs, but unless these heirs share your level of passion and numismatic knowledge, too often they will dispose of the collection haphazardly or even spend the coins outright.

    Alternatively, if you have received a collection from a parent or relative and it’s time to part with it, please get one or more price estimate and then let Numismax evaluate the collection and make you an offer.   

Selling Your Coins.

home | airplane take off home | airplane take off We will fly anywhere in the Continental United States to purchase rare coin collections.

Whether you’ve accumulated your rare coins over many years or inherited your collection recently, you deserve the top dollar offer you’ll receive when you sell your coin collection to Numismax.

Contact us to find out how we might help you liquidate your coin collection. We are happy to meet with you, evaluate the collection, and make an offer on the spot.

Often, due to collection size restrictions, we are not able to visit your cllection. There are safe and secure ways to ship your collection to us for sale. After we have insured your package and we have received it, we will make an offer. If you like our offer, we’ll immediately send or wire a payment to you. Otherwise, if we cannot see eye to eye on our offer, we’ll return your collection, immediately, at our expense.

What You Need to Know

Coin values are primarily based on rarity (a reflection of the number originally minted), the condition of the piece and the demand for the item. “Condition” can be a little subjective but fortunately there are very detailed grading standards used by reputable organizations like the American Numismatic Association that help in this process.

Still, in spite of those standards, there often is some variability in estimating the value of a rare coin from appraiser to appraiser You can be confident that Numismax will give you the best possible offer.

Why can we make that assurance? Our expertise in grading and evaluating coins is second to none. Numismax’s buyers are in tune with the rapidly changing numismatic markets. We pay more because we know more!

Coin Value

Like nearly every other commodity, the value of a coin is determined by supply and demand.

The number of coins minted in a given year at a specific mint is the best indicator of supply, and production data is readily available. However, when the quality control process at a mint breaks down and defective coins get into circulation, this can create an explosive market of its own due to the very small supply of these unique pieces.

On the demand side, coin buyers want coins that are in good shape. When grading a coin’s condition, Numismax follows the guidelines of the most reputable grading organizations.

The historical context of the coin also can affect demand and its price. For example, the alloys used to make many U.S. coins during World War II were visibly different from those that were used in the preceding and subsequent years. This type of oddity typically drives demand by casual coin collectors and those who collect for historical significance.

Not only do we buy coins, we sell them too.

[P89] Ancient Roman Probus Antoninianus | RIC #650 or #651

[P89] Ancient Roman Probus Antoninianus | RIC #650 or #651

1993 Silver American Eagle Roll

Silver American Eagles
1993 Silver American Eagle Roll

[P8S] Ancient Roman Probus Antoninianus | RIC #151

[P8S] Ancient Roman Probus Antoninianus | RIC #151

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